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Bespoke Web Site Design and Development by Judith Barrett, Tunbridge Wells

"designing a website is like buying a house - you have your list of requirements but you need to find the 'right' look. When you find it, you'll know, but the challenge is to find it...."

Our total web site solutions take care of everything for you. We rely on getting to know our clients and understanding their personal preferences and business ethos as well as the functional needs of the website. Sites are hand-coded to meet precise specifications, so are not restricted by limitations of packages and tools. Judith Barrett can take care of everything, from initial website address (url) registration, to pro-actively marketing your website once your site is live. Because we offer bespoke development, we can be extremely flexible. Unlike many other budget operators, we do not use 'off the shelf' templates but instead rely on extensive industry experience and knowledge to quickly design and build affordable websites from scratch.

Typical solutions take around 3 stages to build - as outlined below:

Stage One - Initial Requirements Specification

Following an intial meeting to discuss the functionality and look and feel of the site, a detailed specification and costing is produced for the client to review, amend and agree.

The website address (url) is agreed and registered and a holding page set up with the client's basic details.

Stage Two - Prototyping

A set of different prototypes is produced for review with the client. These are intended to define the 'look and feel' of the site. A website is a very personal matter and individual preferences vary hugely from client to client. The initial set of prototypes is intended to identify a set of features which may then be refined into an acceptable design. Obviously, every client varies here - some have a very clear idea about how their site should look, whilst others have a total blank sheet and are open to a broad range of designs. Two rounds of prototyping are costed for, which is generally adequate for most clients.

Appropriate search phrases will also be researched and agreed, so that the website will achieve a reasonable position in the search engines for these phrases.

At this stage, we also discuss the practicalities of the site, such as

Stage Three - Build and Review

When an acceptable prototype has been agreed, the functionality is added, the system is tested and optimised for search engines. At this point it is 'released' onto the desired web address (URL) and made available to the general public.

After Release

Following release, Judith Barrett will monitor and market the website, submitting to appropriate free directories and search engines. It should be noted that google currently seems to operate a penalty system (known as 'the Google sandbox') whereby new website adresses take 6-8 months to reach a top 10 ranking. However, once links are established and the website is optimised, sites can reach this page within the timescales. Judith Barrett will perform weekly monitoring of the website's position and will continue to regularly build links and submit the site to search engines/directories as part of the monthly management service.

All clients vary widely in the degree of involvment they require once the website is live. Some clients chose to manage the content themselves, uploading new images and changing text through a tailor-made editing system which is included in their monthly fee. Other clients prefer Judith Barrett to take total control of the system, with the monthly management fee including a pre-agreed level of change.


There is no typical website cost, as client's needs vary widely. However, as a guide, a simple 5-8 page site (such as this site) consisting of an initial page (of one format), a contact page and all other pages of the same format with a 1-level menu would cost in the region of 350-450, with a monthly management fee of 12-18. This cost excludes purchase of specific graphics and fonts; Judith Barrett has a limited selection of these but clients may find they need to have an additional budget for photography/artwork.

What Now?

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